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Before the city knew civilization, Pompano Beach was a mere marshland, which soon gave way to development and growth. Deriving its name from a fish named ‘Pompano’ that was found in the coast, the city’s name later donned the word ‘Beach’ to declare itself as a seaside city. For the most part, Pompano Beach remained a small-time farming community, which experienced a spurt of growth in the 1900s thanks to the flurry of settlers that poured in from elsewhere in the country after word of its warm and optimal climate spread.

Today, the city stands in all its grandeur as a village beach town, while also imbibing a metropolitan aura, owing to the Industrial Age. From being a sparsely-populated quaint community, into a bustling hub of tourist activity, the city has come a long way. Be it its natural attractions, its rich history, multi-cultural populace, its pleasant climate, or lively adventure scene, Pompano Beach has something for everyone.

Its AC affliction:

As time progressed and the city grew, air conditioners became an inseparable part of life in Pompano Beach. True, the blissful climate in the city has no comparison to the harsh winters elsewhere, but it was the summers that were highly difficult to wade through. The introduction of air conditioners wrote a new chapter in the history of the city and removed barriers that allowed settlers and tourists to pour into the city without worrying about its hot summers.

Making the most of air conditioners:

While ACs are no less than a godsend, especially in places like Pompano Beach, where surviving without it seems highly improbable, they’re not without its share of drawbacks. Air conditioners threaten to accelerate global warming, and every year the city has experienced a rise in sea levels – a scenario that has the potential to wipe out the very existence of the place. While newer and more eco-friendly AC variants are out in the market, residents are yet to upgrade to it and are still stuck with operating bulky machines and paying up heavy electricity bills. This is why, you need an AC partner like Pompano Beach AC Services that can guide you through it all, from installation to repairs.

What we do?

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